Modern automation level

Our manufacturing facilities which have been designed in compliance with the cGMPfilm regulations are equipped with advanced technology in terms of security and energy savings. The level of automation ensured with computerized systems performs a manufacturing at a quality that would compete in the international markets. The systems of our manufacturing facilities can be listed as follows.

Keeping all areas under control 24 hours 365 days

Deionized water production with the Evaqua CEDI system

Employee recognition and security with card entry system

Automatic fire detection, alarm and extinguisher system

Lighting automation

In our production lines;

Tablet compressing

Film coating

Capsule filling

Soft capsule filling

Powder filling

Liquid filling

Sachet filling

In our primary and secondary packaging lines;

Tablet, Capsule,
Soft Capsule Counting and Fillings


Inductive or compress-sensitive under-lid security
foil application

Self-adhesive or body sleeve labeling

Manufacturing is performed with GMP terms with new machines and our team experienced in the pharmaceutical industry.

We have packaging lines that have the capacity to manufacture new packaging forms that would make a difference in the sector.