About Kampotu

Established in 2012, Kampotu has been supporting natural, healthy lifestyles for over a decade. As a producer of a diverse range of health and wellness products, our team is committed to delivering the highest-quality solutions that align with the principals of natural living.

Kampotu develops products with a focus on the health and happiness of future generations, while providing top-quality supplements to those in need today.


Product Categories

Crafting top-tier products with precision and care.


Kampotu’s state of-the-art tablet pressing technology delivers products at a wide range of shapes and weights. Top-tier production facilities ensure the highest quality, capacity and efficiency, tailored to any specification and moulding upon request.

Hard Capsules

Fully automated capsule production is certified for both vegetable and animal-based compounds. With fully automated sterilization and polishing capabilities, Kampotu’s capsule production lines operate at industry-leading capacity.

Soft Capsules

Touchless production lines process soft-shell oil mixtures in accordance with the highest hygiene standards in the market. State-of-the-art production technology allows for adjustment of mixture concentration, gelatin thickness and speed.

Liquid Formulations

Kampotu’s liquid formulation lines are equipped to produce pharmaceutical-grade products ranging from 50mLs to 1L. Our facilities include filling, resting, and testing tanks, making Kampotu a comprehensive solution for the production of liquid products of any scale.


Automated horizontal filling machines enable contactless production of sachet products weighing as little as 2 grams. Supported by vacuum-fed production lines operating around-the-clock, Kampotu can accommodate any production volume of shipping schedule.


Powder product production lines feature automated weighing and filling stations which seamlessly integrate labelling and lid-sealing. Kampotu’s powder protocol offers a complete, contactless process designed to meet the highest industry standards.


We collaborate in the fields of raw materials, machinery, and packaging in different countries around the world.

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