As Kampotu, we started off with the purpose of providing a healthier and a more natural lifestyle to people in 2012. We aim to offer healthy solutions for our consumers with our inspiration from nature. We carry what nature offers to us to future generations and we bring the food supplements together with those in need.

We consider ourselves the “Healthy Life Partners” of those whom we serve and we work with this sense of responsibility. We act with respect toward nature and natural resources; and we aim that future generations can also easily benefit from the resources that the world generously offers. Therefore, we have an environmental awareness in all of our activities.

We are aware of all of the support that nature offers us and we work so that it can be beneficial to human health as much as possible.

We believe that we add a whole another level to the sector with our attitude and objective. We believe in the content, benefits and quality of our products. Being a bridge of health from past to present, from present to future comes first for us. So we conduct our activities accordingly, and work to make our products beneficial to humankind when we develop them.